Answer the questions in our quiz and find out which products are right for you. After all ... it's just a question of skin!

You are..



How old are you?



+ 25

Which Skin Type Are You?

GREASY: impure
and with imperfections

MIXED: oily and with impurities in the T zone, dry or normal elsewhere

IMPURE: pimples, blackheads and lucidity on the whole face

IMPURE BUT SENSITIVE: various impurities but skin is sensitive 

NORMAL: only sometimes I have pimples
and black points

DRY: fragile and thin, sometimes with some pimples

What do you need?

Hand protection
and hygiene

effectively the skin

Fight the tendency to pimples and blackheads daily

Quickly remove the pimples at the appearance

the shiny effect

Remove make-up and cleanse without "stressing" the skin

Have a bright
and fresh skin

Detox and Oxygenate the skin

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